DDOS Protection


Our site wants to provide you with the best DDOS protection solution and services
For me being well protected and surfing anonymously on the web is not an option To be free and secure on search engines against spyware sites.

the map of backside attacks by Kaspersky

Learn more about DDOS ?

To learn more about DDOS, we offer you the definition, from the site

« Distributed denial-of-service » is a highly evolved type of attack aimed at making a machine crash or mute by flooding it with useless traffic (see DoS file). Several machines at the same time are at the origin of this attack (this is a distributed attack) which aims to destroy servers, subnetworks, etc. On the other hand, it remains very difficult to counter or avoid. That’s why this attack is a threat that many fear. »



In order to find web hosting with DDOS protection, we offer our partners the KODDOS website, from this link: https://koddos.net/